Welcome to Energy Informatics

Energy Informatics is an interdisciplinary research field. Dedicated to a resilient operation of the energy system, we are mainly motivated by the ambition to support and alleviate the transition to a sustainable energy system based on renewable energy sources. New information technology based approaches can be a game changer in this process.

Flexibility is the key to this development on the energy system side: To substitute thermal power plants for system stability issues, we have to use flexibility potential that stems from a huge amount of small and medium energy sources and loads as well. On the information technology side, approaches have to be developed that allow to use this flexibility with the given time and data restrictions.

A wonderful challenge for algorithm development, modelling, simulation and system integration experts!

But understanding the application problem and start developing a software is not enough: Regulation as well as market design is highly dynamic in this field — as is information technology. Therefore, a cooperative interdisciplinary research manner is the core understanding in energy informatics.

Astrid Nieße

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Astrid Nieße , Head of Group Energy Informatics (Fachgebietsleiterin)